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A Wall of Remembrance dedicated to all Great War personnel, where servicemen and servicewomen will be commemorated on individual and identical marble plaques, no matter their rank, nationality, or whichever theatre of war they served in.

This memorial is sited at Auchonvillers, a village set on the Somme battlefields in Picardy, France, on buildings and land owned by Avril Williams. The nickname 'Ocean Villas' was the British Tommy's corruption of the name of the village.

A significant difference of this Wall of Remembrance to many other memorials is that as well as commemorating those who died during the Great War, the aim is also to put up plaques to the memory of those who survived the conflict. These people are unlikely to have any public recognition of their war service and this Wall of Remembrance is a very good opportunity to set the record straight.

Those who died during the conflict, those who died in the short or long years afterwards – the aim is to commemorate them all.
The First Wee Stone (a poem).
Be careful here my son; be mindful how you tread
Their souls are all around us, though their bodies are long dead
Walk this ground in silence; take stance there on the crest
Blind your eyes and listen with the heartbeat in your chest
Winds will softly whisper; laughter, love and fear
Howling cry the saddened faces, drenched with bitter tears
A Mathew, A Mark, A Luke and A John
A Mary lost her Joseph and still they battled on.
All Sinners All Innocents; All died away from home.
Look and see and tell to me. Who cast the first wee stone?
Ray Bradshaw. 2007

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