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 The Plaques

The plaques are made of Italian Marble and measure 21cm wide and 8 cm high. They are created and inscribed by a qualified and highly experienced mason here in France.

The cost of each plaque is €70.

The Wall of Remembrance was started on the outside of the barn already  converted into the WW1/WW2 museum holding the collection. The rendered walls have been painted white, and provide a contrasting background to the marble plaques, each engraved with the nominated serviceman’s or servicewoman’s details.

When one wall is completed, the next will become available as necessary. If the first building reaches its maximum number of plaques, then another building will be used to carry on the act of commemoration.

A sample of the plaque is shown below. There are limits to the number of letters for some of the sections of the plaque and these are indicated in the ordering process.


Note: The reduction of the size of this photo to make it a suitable size for the web, and the effect of the flash from the camera, has resulted in some degradation of the lettering.









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