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The idea
The premise of the Wall of Remembrance was originally as a means of raising money to buy an extensive WW1/WW2 collection, which would then be housed in one of Avril's barns in the northern complex, once the necessary modifications had been made to the building. However, initial financing for the collection has now been secured. With the luxury of being able to consider the Wall project without the pressure of it being an immediate fundraiser, Avril has realised that the Wall will represent her strongest wish. Namely that her whole establishment should exist to promote the sense of Remembrance.

The Wall is to act as a memorial to ALL the servicemen and servicewomen who joined up to take their part in the struggle that was the Great War, regardless of nationality. It is also a marvellous opportunity to commemorate those who survived the war, only to return to a ‘normality’ that couldn’t or wouldn’t understand what they had experienced.
Some of these may have been reduced to being buried in a pauper’s grave once their time had come. Other more fortunate veterans may have a decent, marked grave, but no public recognition of their efforts. These are now the ‘forgotten people’ of the Great War; here is a chance to say ‘thank you’. Of course, the Wall is also for the people that died in the cause, people whose efforts are remembered elsewhere.
The Wall can be the place where all these people can be commemorated together.

The Wall of Remembrance was started on the outside of the barn already converted into the museum holding the collection. The rendered walls are painted white, and provide a contrasting background to the marble plaques, each engraved with the nominated serviceman’s or servicewoman’s details.
When one wall is completed, the next will become available as necessary. If the first building reaches its maximum number of plaques, then another building will be used to carry on the act of commemoration.

A full list of plaques erected can be found on this site here.
It is also the intention that the growing number of plaques on the Wall will be photographed periodically, so everyone will be able to see where their plaque has been placed on the Wall, and how the Wall is developing.
If you want to download a high quality jpeg image of the Wall, taken at the last update, you can do so here. Size circa 1.5 mb. Opens in a new window. You can enlarge the image on-screen by using your mouse or other pointing device.

The Wall will become the fundraiser that it was originally designed to be. Profits from the Wall will be used to maintain both itself and the museum. Beyond that, money would support the whole of the northern complex into a living history museum, with conference centre, reproduction trenches etc. Any further funds would be used in the pursuit of Great War Remembrance.


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